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Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth (Nintendo 64)
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JAP-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Rail Shooter
Entwickler: Treasure
Datenträger: 256 MBit (Modul)
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21. November 2000
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Sprache (dt. Release): Nicht erschienen

Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
It's the dawn of a new century, mankind has succeeded in maintaining peace and has prospered like never before. However, from this newfound prosperity has come a population explosion. This increase in mouths to feed has caused a strain on the food supplies of the world. Shortages of food became critical in all regions of the world. Mankind needed a new food source, one that could breed even under the most abnormal conditions; and so scientists began creating a "New Species" of life. After some time, the scientists succeeded in creating this "New Species" of life, and Hokkaido (The north-most Japanese Island) was chosen as the huge nesting pasture. The humans who succeeded in obtaining the new source of food expected their new found prosperity to continue again.


From the midst of the "New Species" came mutated beasts which suddenly began to devour their human hunters. The attacking hoards which formed a loose group henceforth became know as "Ruffians", they travelled south through the Japanese Islands and gained control over all of north-east Japan. In Tokyo the Ruffian began invading in front of the very eyes of the city's inhabitants, large-scale riots of confused citizens occurred frequently. This situation led to dispatch of an international peace organization called the "Armed Volunteers", but they began to use their military force to suppress the people of Japan.

As expected, the future of Japan has become again... bleak. And possibly so has the future of humanity. On the other hand, a mysterious rumour began to circulate among the people of Tokyo, where the battle for the survival of mankind is being lost day by day.

The rumour...

The arrival and appearance of an organization of citizens which call themselves the "Saviour Group"...

The "Saviour Group" were formed from a group of people who recovered from illness, injury & sorrow due to the miracles of a mysterious holy woman called "Achi". The "Savour Group" is a self-defense organization of Japanese citizens who support themselves by hunting Ruffian, they oppose the Armed Volunteers who they consider hypocritical masses.

Exhausted and wounded people began to gather to the holy woman Achi one after another, and ask for "salvation".

However, her "salvation" was not without a price. In compensation the healed must "fight" in the name of the holy woman. Many weak people became involved in many unnecessary disputes, and began following a path to despair...

Quelle: Übersetzung des Beschreibungstextes der jap. Anleitung von wikipedia.org

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Kommentare (Anzahl: 3)
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Name: Mel (Gast) 09.03.2014 um 19:27:51 Uhr
Meiner Meinung nach eines der besten N64 Spiele überhaupt. Warum der Titel japan-exklusiv geblieben ist, ist mir ein Rätsel.

Name: niche    Beiträge: 104 22.04.2011 um 19:44:33 Uhr
Ja super SPiel. Ich habe es auch auf der VC auf der Wii gespielt aber leider ist keine der Steuerungskonfigurationen ideal egal mit welchem Controller  Aber dafür kann das Spiel ja nüschts 
Leider kam damals nie bei uns raus 

Name: Salamibrodel    Beiträge: 27 29.03.2011 um 09:42:05 Uhr
Das einzige Spiel, dass ich mir bisher für die Wii Virtual Console geholt hab. Es ist schlichtweg verdammt gut! Vergleichbar mit Lylat Wars, nur viel abwechslungsreicher und mit mehr BANG for your BUCK.

Es gibt übrigens auch einen sehr guten Nachfolger auf der Wii, bei dem die Steuerung auch viel besser funktioniert als mit dem Gamecube-Controller bei Teil 1.

P.S.: Mein Highscore im Normal Mode ist etwa 48 Millionen. Wer bietet mehr? 

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