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Wing Commander (Mega-CD)
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US-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Shooter
Entwickler: GameArts
Datenträger: 1 (CD)
Electronic Arts
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25. März 1994
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Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
The Confederation nees a hero!

It's the 27the century, and mankind is locked in a deadly war with the Kilrathi Empire, a race of cat-like aliens determined to conquer the Terran Confederation. Launching from the TCS Tiger's Claw, you and your faithful wingmen fearlessly battle Kilrathi aces head-on in heated, deep space dogfights.

As one of the Confederation's top pilots, you've been summoned to defend the TCS Tiger's Claw. If you can't outsmart the Kilrathi cats, no one can! It's not enough to just win a single battle - you must prevail through the entire campaign to save all of humanity.

  • Pilot your Hornet, Scimitar, Rapier or Raptor through 40 thrilling missions packed to the max with intense combat action!
  • Dust yet another Kilrathi as you show off your years of Academy training and expertise in a deep space dogfight.
  • Evade enemy missiles, hurtling asteroids and debris as you take on two, three, even four relentless Kilrathi at once!

Full Digitized Speech
Whether you're on the carrier or soaring through space, you'll be able to hear mission briefings, enemy taunts and your wingman's emphatic warnings!

Multiple Camera Views
Check your part and starboard for enemies, lock onto a target and launch your missile. An onboard weapon camera captures the action as your heat-seeker slams into a Kilrathi ship and turns it into an exploding fireball!

Character Interaction
Collect valuable tips and strategies from your fellow pilots as you take a break and relax in the Tiger's Claw lounge. Learn how to attack a Salthi and identify the enemy's weaknesses... all you have to do is ask.

Interactive Communications
You take control of the battlefield - order your wingman to break formation, form on your wing, attack your wing, attack your target or head for base!

Ranks and Awards
Advance in rank as you succeed in your missions - if you're good enough, you'll be rewarded with better ships and weapon capabilities. If you're excellent, you may even topple the evil Kilrathi Empire and save the Terran worlds from destruction.

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