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Countdown Vampires (PlayStation)
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US-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Survival Horror
Entwickler: K2 LLC
Datenträger: 2 (CDs)
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22. Dezember 1999
21. August 2000
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Sprache (dt. Release): Nicht erschienen

Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
Midnight... Time to devour the humans!

In Casino City, Plata Losa... On the eve of a grand opening party for "Desert Moon"--a new hotel casino wiht a horror theme--Detective Keith J. Snyder, assigned to VIP security, is unexpectedly drawn into a horrific nightmare. At the height of the party festivities, a fire breaks out. Emergency sprinklers extinguish the fire, but they also spray some revelers with a mysterious black liquid that suddenly transforms them into vicious vampires! An ominous warning declares that the casino doors will be sealed shut in three minutes. Keith is desperate! But, risking his own survival, he carries out his duty to search for VIP guests and opens new doors to "Desert Moon."

  • Take Down the Most Fierce and Evil Vampire!
    In addition to your powerful arsenal - ranging from pistols and shot guns to grenade launchers - you'll find fighting game elements like the electric "Stun Glove". Your fighting potential is unlimited!
  • Your Main Mission is Guest Rescue!
    Your final goal is not just to take down vampires! Your greatest mission is to rescue guest who have turned into vampires, and transform them back into humans - without killing them! As you rescue guests with your Anesthetic Gun and "White Water", the story will take on surprising developments.
  • Fear Time: The Countdown System!
    You will repeatedly be tested with Countdown time limits. Can you clear all conditions? The storyline will develop and brench off based on your performance. However, just because you clear everything, it doesn't mean you will fully unravel the mystery!
  • Hair-Raising Action Packed High End CG Movies!
    All 200 characters in the opening scene were rendered through motion capture dataq created by an international cast of actors. Realistic CG movies are played throughout the game and provide intense COOL-SHOCK!

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Name: NJW    Beiträge: 944 09.08.2018 um 13:42:27 Uhr
Sieht nach nem Resi Klon aus? Irgendwer mal das Ding gezockt?

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