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MLBPA Baseball (Super NES)
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US-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Baseball
Entwickler: Visual Concepts
Datenträger: ???
Alternative Titel:  
Fighting Baseball
Coconuts Japan
Electronic Arts
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11. August 1995
März 1994
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Sprache (dt. Release): Nicht erschienen

Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
Crush one outta the yard!

Never before has a baseball game been created that captures the details of the sport like MLBPA Baseball. Realistic run-downs, accurate cut-off plays, the double switch, multiple defensive alignments, snap throws, even bad hops and booted balls. Throw in every player from Alomar to Zeile and you've got the only baseball game worth playing for the Super NES.

  • Every player in the big leagues.
  • Accurate '93 player stats for all 28 teams in the majors.
  • Full 162 game season mode.
  • Authentic stadium music - even The Chop!
  • Huge arcade style graphics.
  • Secret power-up play modes.
  • Real Baseball - Snap throws, run-downs, the double switch, cut-off men, even bad hops and booted balls!

  • The Whiff...: You're going to face the best - Stewart, McDowell, Myers, Maddex, even the Eck - can you say strike three?
  • If It's In The Game... It's In The Game.: Crowd the plate and you could wind up with an ice pack on first base.
  • What Gap?: Get a big jump on the blast into the gap and launch your way onto the Sunday highlights!
  • SCORE... BOARD... SCORE... BOARD...: Realistic scoreboard animations make it feel like you're watchin' the big screen at the park.
  • Authentic 1992 Season Stats: Bands on the way to the plate to face Avery. Could this one go all... the... way??
  • The Play At the Plate: Drop your slide in under the tag and get the call. You're safe and on the way to the locker room with another notch in W column.

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