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New Horizons (Super NES)
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US-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Strategie
Entwickler: Koei
Datenträger: 16 MBit (Modul)
Alternative Titel:  
Daikoukai Jidai II
Nicht erschienen
25. Februar 1994
Nicht erschienen
Sprache (dt. Release): Nicht erschienen
Dem Spiel liegt eine Weltkarte bei. Auf dessen Rückseite sich ein Poster vom Spiel befindet.

Spiele die ebenfalls dem "Uncharted Waters"-Franchise angehören:

Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
The Ultimate Role-Playing Adventure!

Imagine a time when mighty navies controlled the seven seas, ruthless pirates searched for hidden treasures and scholars argued that the Earth was round. Now, picture yourself as a young explorer on a mission that will carry you to the four comers of the globe.

Play the son of a Portuguese Duke out to discover the legendary land of Atlantis, a Spanish female navy lieutenant turned pirate, a British privateer commissioned by Henry VIII to destroy the Spanish fleet, and Italian adventurer in debt from his father or a Turkish orphan starting his own trading business.

Your adventure will take you to over 130 exotic destinations. Along the way, you will discover exotic mountains, long sought treasures and valuable merchendise to trade. As captain of your fleet, keep a carful eye on the horizon for pirates eager to steal your valued cargo or an enemy navy at war with the flag your ship flies. Once in port, remember to recruit mates, puchase new ships and gunnery, gather useful information and settle disputes with your enemies by challenging them to a duel.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Play one of six ambitious young heroes, each with their own scenario.
  • Seek out more than 180 treasures, including rare animals and exotic monuments.
  • Organize a powerful fleet with up to 25 different types of histrical ships.
  • While in port, explore the guild, bank, fortune-teller and Round Earth Society.
  • One player adventure.

Screenshots (Anzahl: 16)
Video Games 4/95
by Goemon

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Name: Black Diamond    Beiträge: 663 29.06.2012 um 14:19:13 Uhr
Uncharted Water 2 New Horizons ist ein sehr interessanter Titel. Ich habe ihn angefangen zu spielen, aber ein Urteil fällt mir schwer. Das Spiel ist sehr kompliziert, aber auch hoch interessant. Hat das Spiel mal wer länger gespielt und kann mir sagen, ob es sich lohnt?

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