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Jim Power: Lost Dimension in 3D (Super NES)
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US-NTSC (Front)
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Genre: Action
Entwickler: Loriciels
Datenträger: 8 MBit (Modul)
Electro Brain
Dezember 1993
Sprache (dt. Release): ???

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Beschreibung (Verpackungstext)
"Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D" utilizes the revolutionary NUOPTIX 3D graphics, allowing you to experience the thrill of virtual reality without a virtual reality system. 3D glasses facilitate the incredible depth experience, but the thrill and the horror of "The Lost Dimension" may be fully experienced with or without 3-D glasses.

Special Agent Jim Power-The supernatural alien, Vaprak, threatens to defeat our world which is the last planet that stands between him and a dimensional vortex. This vortex leads to a fifth and, up until now, lost dimension. If he succeeds in defeating us, he will destroy our world, opening a gateway for his kind as well as the strange mutating effect that this dimension has on all organic life forms. His forces are far too strong for us to defeat in a frontal attack which is why we must send you to slip past his Omni-eye scanners and make an assassination attempt on the greatest evil that man has ever known. It will take absolutely all of your wits and skill but it is imperative you reach his fortress and send him back to the sulphurous plane from whence he came.

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by Goemon

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