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Super Game Boy

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Name: Retrostage    Beiträge: 595 04.03.2016 um 15:52:31 Uhr
Kannte gar nicht den technischen Background dazu (Quelle):

Technical stuff:
The dedicated color schemes are stored in the GBC bootup code, and are applied when the given games are recognized. Any directional keystroke will reload the color scheme based on the 12 user-selectable schemes.
There is a total of 93 diffetently identified games, but the number of unique palette setups dedicated for these 93 games is only 45. This is due to some setups being used by several games (like the standard brown, which is used by 8 different games).
A palette setup consist of a base palette, and mapping information for that palette.
There are 30 different color records, and 29 base palettes using different combinations of these colors.
Each base palette has 6 different mappings (OBJ1 may adapt the base color of OBJ0 or BG, while OBJ0 may only adapt the base color of BG. BG cannot be changed from the base color).
Technically there are 174 valid palette setups, but lots of them produce similar color schemes.
The algorithm for setting the color scheme for the different games:
Check the manufacture code for 01 or 33h (if 33h, also check the new manufacture code for 01).
Add together the characters of the game title.
Look up the value of the sum in a big list of known sums. if it's found in one of the 65 first entries, the position in the list will be used as pointer in the list of palette setups. If the sum is found later in the list, then the 4th character of the game title is looked up in the corresponding column of a table of known 4th game-title-characters. The position in the table + 65 will be used as pointer in the list of palette setups.
The given palette setup is decoded and the color scheme is set.

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